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Congratulations, you've been selected to participate in the Luxury Brands survey. Every we select one visitor to provide feedback on their online shopping experiences. By completing this 5-question survey, you could receive a luxury watch, fine jewelry, luxury sunglasses, designer handbag, or the latest consumer electronics totaling over $500 in value, shipped directly to you.

NOTICE: We are currently surveying citizens from Seattle. If you don't take this survey today, you will no longer be qualified.

You have 14 minutes and 22 seconds to claim your products.
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Have you ever shopped for designer goods?
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Karen Greenwall
My prize just came in the mail today. Thank you!! I love the cute handbag that I got!
at 10:54 pm

Tim West
Thought this was a joke at first, but my watch was delivered this morning #legit and all I had to do was pay shipping - lmfao. Dint even know they had these.
at 4:18 pm

Charles Wong
sweeeeet! got my Tactical Flashlight today. yassss!
at 4:59 am

Naiomi Marie
whoa this only took me 2 minutes, definitely worth it. Thanks for the designer watch, def gonna match my outfits
at 3:33 am

Krissy Brooke
@Naiomi, arent the watches great?! I also got one!
at 1:02 am

Lexi Benz
free luxury handbag, holy shit for just the price of shipping - insane! For just $5.
at 2:34am

Tobias Rafton
Well it only took a minute. I agree, this is awesome. Plus I earned myself a new Tactical Flashlight.
at 11:01 am

Li Chan Hun
this is amazing! i never win anything before but today I am a lucky!! thank you!
at 8:49 pm

Amanda Knox
Just received my Quick survey. Now I got a free handbag today in the mail today, this is pretty amazing! Thanks!
at 1:35 pm

Andre Perry
DAMN DAWG, this is is fo realz. Just got my shit today, legit as hell.
at 2:27 pm

Ashanti Johnson
These luxury watches are really nice, getting one for myself and my boyfriend.
at 4:15 pm

Kris Stevens
Damn, I was about to buy these products from another website. Good thing I found this poll.
at 3:45 pm

Tina Evans
After the survey, I selected the handbags. These designer bags are cute! So excited!
at 7:18 pm

Nancy Walters
i was surprised when i found this survey, i was able to get free watch!
at 5:12 pm

Joanna Gray
I chose the luxury watch and handbag for sure. I wish I was able to select more products! Such a great deal.
at 12:43 pm